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David O. Smith - August 2023



I am certain some of you have seen the Facebook, TikTok, and/or Goggle tirades of an unhappy gentleman on the other side of a two-year old domestic case, in which I represent his ex- wife.

When one does not have a case, then attack the lawyer. That normally does not work.

We recently had a post-Decree hearing that he referred to as “the final showdown” at which he would be “mopping the floor” with me.

Well, he left the courtroom with the following “victories”:

  •  Judgments against him totaling $22,911.00 with interest at the legal rate for child support and child care

  •  The same visitation he had

  •  An Order not to contact me or my office again under penalty of contempt

  •  An Order to turn over $2,695.91 to the mother in garnished funds for child support that he was contesting

My client was thrilled.


- David O. Smith




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