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David O. Smith - February 2021



During the first portion of the 2021 Kentucky Legislative Session, Representative Huff, Chairperson of the House Education Committee, is a co-sponsor of the following bills:

HB 1 – An Act relating to reopening the Kentucky economy during COVID.

HB 2 – An Act relating to civil and criminal penalties for abortion facilities and to prohibit a facility or physician from deeming an abortion to be an urgent medical procedure.

HB 6 – An Act to change the name of the Legislative Program Review and Investigation Committee to the Legislative Oversight and Investigations Committee and to add powers and procedures to same.

HB 7 – An Act to establish the Advisory Committee for Recovery Ready Committees.

HB 15 – An Act to restrict emergency orders issued by the Governor.

HB 26 – An Act to include violence against an animal to be included in domestic violence and abuse, and dating violence and abuse.

HB 145 – An Act requiring each post-secondary educational institution to adopt a code of conduct and discipline and create additional rights for students or student organizations to appeal, called “The Kentucky Student Administrative Rights Protection Act.”

HB 164 – An Act to increase penalties for assault, riots, disruption of a meeting, or blocking a highway, etc.

HB 217 – An Act to limit the effect of emergency orders issued by the Governor or a chief executive of a local government.

HB 253 – an Act to require the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid Form as a high school graduation requirement.

Ask yourself, what has she done to improve our children’s education and raise our national standing or increase the number of students completing high school and going to college? Nothing. Personally, I am more concerned about our children’s educational future than to whom the Judge is going to award a dog or cat in a domestic dispute.


- David O. Smith




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