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Yes, local insurance agents are important to you and your family. You are thinking... David is always filing civil actions to collect all the money he can for his clients from insurance companies. That’s true. But, when you have an accident, wind damage, or house fire, it’s really nice when your local agent is there to personally assist you and talk with the adjuster on your behalf, so you do not have to file a lawsuit.

That’s one of the services you receive for the commission he/she earns, and he/she wants to keep your business. I deal weekly with insureds who have purchased insurance online and are trying to deal with a claim representative in Iowa or a call center where hillbilly is not spoken
well. They want you to send some photos and tell you what your claim is worth, and they really don’t want to talk to your local body shop or contractor.

These problems are avoided if you have a local agent in the Tri-County area who represents a good company. You have someone, just like your attorney, who will fight for you,
make calls for you, and work out problems. If he/she doesn’t, find a new local agent.

Remember, on your auto insurance, always buy extra PIP, buy underinsured coverage, and liability coverage with a minimum of $100,000/$300,000. Uninsured is not the same as underinsured. It is mandatory that you receive uninsured, but underinsured is an option. I urge you to obtain extra PIP and underinsured. You will be surprised at how little this costs.

In today’s world, one ER visit after a motor vehicle accident can exhaust the minimum PIP coverage, which pays your medical expenses without consideration of fault.


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