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David O. Smith - October 2020



I read with interest the last Report of Representative Regina Huff that appeared in the News Journal. She discussed the difference between the unity shown by Americans after 9/11 and the lack of unity today over the pandemic coupled with the police shootings in Louisville and other cities.

The basic difference is that immediately after 9/11 President George W. Bush went on television, unified the nation, and simultaneously mobilized our nation to contain this threat.

President Bush dealt with the American public in a straight up manner and brought all of our citizens together and permitted the military and professional intelligence agencies to do their job. President Bush also went to Ground Zero and met with the firemen and other workers and praised them for their efforts.

The difference today is that we have a President who has been untruthful about the pandemic, has failed to unite the public, has denigrated scientists and physicians, and failed to timely mobilize Americans to fight this enemy.

In addition, our President has fueled the unrest in the Country with his semi-veiled support of White Supremacy. He has done nothing to calm the situation in any city he has visited because he is more interested in votes than in all Americans.

There is nothing wrong with peaceful protest as it is guaranteed by our Constitution. What can not be condoned are those who desire to loot and destroy. They are to be stopped, but peaceful protests are to be protected. Remember. Thomas Jefferson said “Dissent is the Highest Form of Patriotism."


- David O. Smith




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