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David O. Smith - October 2020



Two major non-COVID related issues confront the citizens and businesses of Corbin.

First, the double occupational tax our citizens pay on the Knox County side of Corbin.

Second, the annexation of the lands around Exit 29 in North Corbin where the Corbin Utilities Commission provides the utility infrastructure.

State Senator Robert Stivers is routinely, and justifiably, chastised for failing to introduce legislation to resolve the annexation issue so Corbin can annex and failing to introduce legislation to halt the double taxation.

In these controversies, Representative Huff just seems to slide by, unnoticed. Has she introduced any legislation to help the people of Corbin with these two problems? Or does she just introduce legislation to govern the number of drinking fountains in schools or the number of water outlets?

These two bills need to be pre-filed and worked on diligently by our State Representative.


- David O. Smith




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