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David O. Smith - August 2020



History always repeats itself unless we retain what we learn. I have been saying this since the individual everyone thought was a buffoon was elected President.

 In the 1930's the world thought Hitler was a buffoon. No one thought in the Weimer democracy in Germany that he would be elected... but, he was. And then people stood silent as his “personal police,” the brown shirts, wreaked havoc on his enemies and the people he blamed for the nation’s problems - the Jewish, Catholic, the foreigners, and the disabled.

Think of the hatred being stirred against blacks, Latinos, Mexicans, Arabs, by the buffoon-in-chief, and how he disparages women and makes fun of the disabled. You will see special police placed in more major cities before the election to halt the “anarchists.”

Hitler did the same with his brown shirts and then convinced the people it was a communist take over of the country, declared martial law, halted democratic elections, dissolved the legislature, and had himself installed as the Furher.

We are seeing the buffoon-in-chief disperse his “personal police force” in unmarked uniforms across the United States. They are believed to be Homeland Security, Border Patrol, and ICE agents, some of whom endorsed him in the last election and have pledged to support him in the next. These are some of the people who placed immigrant children in cages and separated families, some of whom may never be reunited.

Far more worrisome is that some of the federal forces may be hired mercenaries with allegiance only to the people paying the bill. These special police will be there to control the election, to halt or suppress the vote.

We have watched the grand miliary parades of the Nazi, Chinese, the North Koreans, Stalin, and Putin. Who wants his own military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue to show his power to the world? Our buffoon-in chief.

This would be a spectacle this Country hasn’t seen since the end of the WWII for the legitimate purpose of welcoming our troops home. The buffoon has no legitimate purpose for this except self glorification, to extend his power, and to appear grandiose.

If the American people do not stand strong, voice their opposition, think and vote, elected and appointed officials will have given him the tools to take our nation into a ruthless dictatorship. Our democracy is fragile when those in power do not respect it.


- David O. Smith




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