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David O. Smith - October 2020



It appears that one of the main concerns of Brandon Shepherd to serve on the Corbin City Council is to assist the restaurant/bar business in which he is involved.

You will recall he was instrumental in having the City halt the alcohol/restaurant tax for a period of time earlier this year due to the impact of COVID.

As a City Commissioner, what did he do or have passed to alleviate the financial plight of other businesses in the City of Corbin due to COVID? Did they receive a reduction in privilege license, a reduction in trash pickup fees, a credit on their upcoming property taxes? NO.

The current City Hall talk is that he is now proposing an entertainment zone for downtown Corbin where bar and restaurant patrons can move from bar to bar while consuming alcoholic beverages on the streets.

This is not New Orleans and we do not need this display on Main Street, with the amount of two-way traffic and the vehicle congestion from parking on both sides of the street.

Mr. Shepherd was elected to the Commission in November 2018, and announced he was running for State Representative in March 2019.

Let’s look at the candidates, and see who wants to work for all of Corbin and who wants to stay as a Commissioner.


- David O. Smith




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